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Frequently Asked Questions

If you receive a book you already have just share it with another bookworm like yourself and let us know by email so we can send you another one!

If you’ve already signed up and paid for 3 months or more in advance, we will gladly cancel your subscription after that time period. Just notify us by email 30 days prior to the end of your subscription date so you won’t be entered into an auto-renewal membership.

Yes! We’re all about sharing books and the love of reading! Just enter the Name and address you’d like the books mailed to. It’s that easy!

At this time, there will not be any monetary refunds available, but we do guarantee 100% satisfaction on our service and our books. If you are unhappy at any time we will try our best to correct any issues to the best of our ability. Please send us any feedback or comments you might have any time!
We’re here to provide you with a fun and scintillating literary experience!